MarineTraffic Maritime Analytics Conference

A series of digital sessions on the future of the maritime industry

Last November, MarineTraffic successfully completed the Maritime Analytics Conference, a series of digital sessions covering a wide range of topics focused on the current and future state of the maritime and shipping industry. 

Our three expert panel line-ups saw industry-leading advisors sharing their views on several key topics. They talked about the evolving role of AIS in global maritime solutions, actionable insights on how the market is moving towards a greener and more sustainable ecosystem, and global trade figures.

Maritime Analytics: The breadth of AIS usage

The first session, Maritime Analytics: The breadth of AIS usage, took place virtually on 10 November with more than 600 people joining from all over the world.

The growing influence of AIS data and analytics has shed the light on the increasing demand for new, smarter solutions in the maritime domain. During this interactive session, we discuss with AIS industry experts how we can take oceans of data and turn it into streams of actionable real-time intelligence for better decision-making and more efficient and transparent global shipping.

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Using Maritime Analytics to understand global trade

In our second session, we brought together a group of experts from an array of multinational companies to discuss all things trade. 

What are the major factors that will shape the future of trade? What’s the role of maritime analytics in understanding the impact of Covid-19 and addressing key disruptions effectively? A deep-dive into the ever-changing trade industry and the trends all parties involved in the global trade activities should embrace.

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How to reduce costs and emissions by using actionable Maritime Analytics

Port call optimisation is among the key practices driving change in the global race to decarbonise ocean shipping. During this last part of our webinar series, we discussed with leading port stakeholders as well as ship operators various ways that maritime operations analytics can increase vessel efficiency and port performance, as well as lowering costs and GHG emissions.

Wondering what insights and practical measures the global maritime industry is using to create more efficient port operations and a greener and more sustainable maritime ecosystem?

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