MarineTraffic showcase Just-In-Time concept at the Algeciras Port IT Symposium

This week, Dimitris Mitrodimas, Data Scientist at MarineTraffic, speaks at the Algeciras Port IT Symposium to discuss how intelligent use of AIS through Just-In-Time operations of ships will reduce operational cost and carbon emissions.

Speaking ahead of the symposium Dimitris said:

“Visibility of port operations could be greatly improved through intelligent use of AIS and technology, ultimately leading to Just-In-Time operational schedules that minimise fuel waste and Greenhouse Gas emissions and offer a number of additional advantages for all stakeholders involved in port operations.”

Just-In-Time is a concept proposed by MarineTraffic in partnership with fellow Global Industry Alliance (GIA) members the Port of Rotterdam and Shell. The concept is concerned with ensuring the best efficiency when a ship arrives at a destination port.  

Insufficient visibility of port operations is a major contributor to this efficiency problem. Information about berth occupancy is often communicated too late into the voyage timeline. This causes uncertainty to charterparties who would rather choose a higher than needed sailing speed, arrive early and wait, than risk missing a laytime window.

However, this strategy does not come without a cost, as Dimitris explains:

“Early anchorage arrivals are the root-cause of millions of tons of wasted fuel due to sub-optimal underway speed choices, escalated further by fuel-costly anchorage operations and amounting to a substantial estimated annual cost.”

MarineTraffic partner, NAPA, estimate that cost at $18 billion a year. Between 2017 and 2018, commercial vessels spent on average 5%-10% of their time waiting idle at a port’s anchorage. Through the Just-In-Time concept, MarineTraffic and its GIA partners, hope to significantly reduce these numbers.

The one-day symposium held at the Millan Picazo Auditorium on 22 November promises to be an insightful event, with a diverse range of expert speakers from businesses such as Amazon Web Services, PortXL Rotterdam and Telefonica Open Future.

If you are in Algeciras this week, come down and see us! Dimitris will be speaking at 15.30, attendees can sign up here.


About the Algeciras Port IT Symposium

Now in its fourth edition, the Algeciras Port IT Symposium, organised by the Port of Algeciras, is fast becoming a key event in the calendar for all those working in port strategy.

The key ambition of the symposium is to provide a meeting point for professionals interested in understanding the most recent trends in digital innovation, specifically, next generation platforms, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.

Bill Lines
Bill is a director of London based maritime public relations firm Navigate PR and has been working with MarineTraffic since 2013.