MarineTraffic joins Spanish Ports in Green Operations EU Project

MarineTraffic is participating in an exciting new initiative that hopes to promote the use of electricity as an alternative power source for ships on-shore, and while berthing at European ports.

MarineTraffic has joined efforts with the Spanish State Port Authority and participating ship owners, ports, universities and consultancy firms in the EU-funded On-Shore Power Supply (OPS) and green operations project “OPS Master Plan for Spanish Ports”, which successfully kicked-off on the 9th of November 2016, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

The OPS Master plan project, co-financed by Connecting Europe Facility CEF for the building of the European Union’s TEN-T, aims at promoting the use of electricity as an alternative and green power for ships on-shore, and while berthing at Spanish (and EU) ports.

Alternative Maritime Power

In the scope of this initiative, pilot projects at core ports in Spain will be undertaken to analyse and further optimise this innovative technology. The project will also investigate the positive environmental impacts and sanitary consequences of the OPS implementation, the legal frameworks that influence the OPS implementation, the technical detail of OPS implementation and of grid-independent technical alternatives. Finally, it will analyse the technical, logistic, and economic aspects of the OPS implementation for all the other ports of general interest in Spain and along EU core corridors, preparing the roll-out of optimised OPS systems on EU scale.

The combination of results from the actions described above, target the eventual drafting of a realistic Master Plan for OPS in Spanish Ports for 2025 and hence, comply with directive 2014/94/EU which requires member states to develop concrete action plans for clean onshore energy supply to seagoing vessels at port. The proposed action can also be a significant advance for EU core transport infrastructure, so that this can be decarbonised in the spirit of key EU strategies and initiatives.

Within this project, MarineTraffic will contribute to the communication and dissemination of project results. Also, to the mapping of AIS-based vessel emission calculations and, a green contribution assessment of the OPS use in ports.

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Partners in project

Featured image: photo courtesy of the Port of Los Angeles, US Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

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