MarineTraffic Best Moments 2017

Looking back at 2017, MarineTraffic has had a very eventful year. Along the way we have celebrated many achievements and milestones, including our tenth birthday, welcomed new team members, and moved to new headquarters.

We have worked hard to improve on all fronts, from the development of the platform to the ways we interact with you, our community. You have played a major role in our evolution. With your valuable feedback, you have challenged us and pushed for excellence.

Therefore, we would like to share some of our best moments of the year and celebrate our achievements with you.


1) Live Map V.3


Live Map V.3
Live Map is the key feature of MarineTraffic. It enables you to move around the globe with ease and directly track down any vessel that may be of interest to you with efficiency. This new version makes the users’ experience better and the performance of the Live Map is improved, allowing more information to be displayed faster.


2) Corporate summer summit


Corporate summer summit
Working as a team has proved to be a good recipe for success and a corporate summer summit is the ideal place for employees to come together, see how far the company has come, share knowledge and goals and have fun with extracurricular activities.


3) UNCTAD signs MoU with MarineTraffic


UNCTAD signs MoU with MarineTraffic
The two organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Switzerland, that will see UNCTAD and MarineTraffic share information and data that will enable both parties to enhance maritime statistics and allow for more detailed examination of shipping trends and global trade. Read more


4) Rowing to Rio with the help of MarineTraffic


Rowing to Rio with the help of MarineTraffic
Wayne and his partner Braam achieved an epic world first by rowing approximately 8,100kms from South Africa to Brazil. They had many near collisions with large commercial vessels at night, because they did not have enough power to run their AIS and navigation lights after dark. Thus, MarineTraffic information was crucial to their safety at all times. Read more


5) Joined Big Data Value Association (BDVA)


Joined Big Data Value Association (BDVA)


MarineTraffic joined BDVA on a project that aims to boost European Big Data Value research, development and innovation. We have participated at group’s activities. We have attended BDVA F2F meetings, where we had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other stakeholders relevant to transportation, maritime, etc. We  have also co-authored the “Big Data in Earth Observation” White Paper highlighting the role of Earth Observation in marine and maritime ecosystem.


6) 2016 Density Maps


2016 Density Maps
Using the power praise from Big Data, Density Maps visualise our recorded AIS data per year, leading to a new way of revealing patterns that would not be found otherwise. The routes of every ship are being constructed from zero, rasterised and compiled all together to context rich density maps.


7) MarineTraffic joins IMO initiative for greener shipping


MarineTraffic joins IMO initiative for greener shipping
MarineTraffic has become a founding member of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) supported Global Industry Alliance (GIA). GIA, launched on the 29th of June 2017 at IMO’s London headquarters, is an alliance made of thirteen leading shipowners and operators, classification societies, engine and machinery builders and other technology providers to support shipping and its related industries towards a low-carbon future. Read more


8) Moved to new offices


Moved to new offices
In October, we moved to our new offices, where we can be more productive and grow. Here are ten facts about our new building:

  • The floor plan has been designed based on the upper face of each level, resulting in maximum ergonomics and maximum utilisation of the building’s square metres.
  • The custom dining area on level 2, which is currently being finalised, was inspired by ports and docklands.
  • The building’s custom lighting is inspired by AIS antennas and waves.
  • The old office dividers have been upcycled to create new offices and circumferential furnishings.
  • Original architect Thymios Papagiannis oversaw a bioclimatic study of the building with high specification materials, including concrete panels to prevent direct sunlight from entering the interior.
  • The Zoellner triangular plates have been emphasised to be more visible in the rooms – highlighting it and lighting it with hidden illumination to avoid drowsiness to users.
  • The building features many common spaces and quiet rooms.
  • The reconstruction, including design, was completed in a very short time, taking just over three months.
  • Special attention was given to selecting sound absorbing materials (ie flooring) and sound deflecting shapes (ie open triangles of the ceiling) – suitable for open plan working spaces.
  • Glass walls were chosen in the closed offices and meeting areas to provide transparency and contact with the whole team.


9) Business Directory


Business Directory

Our Business Directory, a new service, is like a listing of businesses directly on our Live Map. This enables companies to be seen by our website users instantly and benefit from new business opportunities through  bridging the gap between them and their clients.


10) MarineTraffic turned 10 – Celebration X


MarineTraffic turned 10 - Celebration X
In November we celebrated our tenth birthday. Ten years of creating, improving, building a network and communities valuable to our success. In the picture, Founder Dimitris Lekkas (centre), flanked by CEO Demitris Memos (left) and Partner Argyris Stasinakis (right), celebrating our tenth anniversary at the company’s headquarters in Athens.


11) Participation in 3 running events & organisation of 4 CSR activities


Participation in 3 running events & organisation of 4 CSR activities
Apart from our business activities, we also take time to give back to society through various activities. This is why we voluntarily cleaned the Vravrona beach in April, we gave warm clothes to the flood victims of Mandra and donated blood in November, and we donated gift cards and toys to underprivileged families in December. We also believe  “A healthy body makes a healthy mind” and that extracurricular activities help us build a stronger team. This is why we participated in the Athens Half Marathon, the Athens Authentic Marathon and the 40 year Run Philothei-Psichiko.

12) New business solutions


New business solutions
We designed and built a selection of Plans tailored to specific uses, ensuring that professionals have the tools they need to carry out their daily tasks efficiently. The industry Plans cover both operational and commercial applications for multiple sectors, from Ship Owners, through Ship Suppliers and Logistics, to Brokers.


13) Multiple mentions in New York Times, Washington Post, BBC


Multiple mentions in New York Times, Washington Post, BBC
With data journalism on the rise, MarineTraffic is the go-to source for journalists looking for the data generated by ships’ AIS to help tell their stories. Whether it is a shipping disaster, trade or human interest story; being able to provide readers with accurate evidence and analysis of sailing and trading patterns can take the story to a whole new level. Read more