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Engineering team: The backbone of MarineTraffic

The MarineTraffic Engineering Team is the backbone of the business. It is behind the multi-functional and updated website, and user friendly mobile applications. Thanks to them, the millions visiting the website every month get the exact information they are looking for, fast.

A typical day in our engineers department begins with the morning coffee which is a must as Savvas, the Head of the Engineering Team says. Then, a meeting with the Product Team follows and information about what is needed is taken into consideration for a plan to be formed and tasks to be given. “Any new features in the product pipeline, improvements on products within the pipeline, corrections of problems (the so-called bugs) and interconnection of all platforms (CRM, billing, analytics etc.) used by the MarineTraffic staff is taken care of by us”, says Savvas, about the role the Engineering Department plays. 

Engineering Dept
Savvas Kampouridis, Head of the Engineering Department

Having such a big platform to maintain and so many visitors, can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. Savvas says that in peak hours, the calls per minute can reach 70,000 which means that the team must work to resolve approximately 1,700 calls per second from users all around the globe. George, a Front-End Developer who also does a lot of work in the back-end of the system says that the most challenging thing about working at MarineTraffic is that he never knows what his next task will be, because there are so many calls which cause a vast diversification of tasks. Yet, this is also something that he enjoys because as he says he never has time to get bored.

His colleague Chris, a Back-End Developer, says the most challenging part of his work has been the transition of the system to the Zuora platform, our new subscription management software. “This is also one of the reasons that I enjoy my work, along with the technical aspects of subscription management and the diversity of the people I have contact with every day,” says Chris.

The MarineTraffic engineers are always looking into new technologies despite their limited available time and make sure they use the best ones both in efficiency and cost effectiveness to keep the customers satisfied. Specifically, they managed to change their web-facing equipment which led to a performance improvement of 30 percent, while the transition to users was seamless, and the project was kept within budget.

In addition, the team makes sure every system is secured and operating smoothly, so any damage is avoided. “We are doing what is unseen, yet taken for granted by everyone”, says Savvas “We provide fast, stable, world-class service to millions of visitors per month wherever they are located in the world,” he adds.

A major contributor to this world-class service offered is Laura, the Quality Assurance Engineer and the only woman in the department. Generally, she makes sure that every product will be launched without any faults. “I contribute to raising the quality of the application but it’s a team effort, we all  play an important role in delivering a great product. My reported bugs would mean nothing without the developers fixing them”, she says.

George Patatoukas, Front-End Developer

The team includes a dedicated and innovative crew of professionals who each have a different area of expertise so they can work together on many things and split projects so they are more time efficient. Their goal is to respond promptly to users’ requests and provide high quality products and performance to every part of the globe, even when there is very heavy traffic, by keeping the MarineTraffic platform and Apps in good health.

However, the Engineering Team is not only about work. Everyone irrevocably mentioned how important it is to work in a productive yet friendly environment with a great set of colleagues. Apart from professionals who enjoy their work, they are eager to learn new things and consider themselves a team that help and support each other. Of course, there is always some fun involved. “We are the typical technical department where everyone wears their headsets rarely speak to each other, until someone says something funny and everyone immediately gets involved”, says Savvas.

Laura agrees that the fun vibe created in the department also helps foster successful team work, which in turn allows the department to keep delivering world class service. “It’s this balance of hard work and great interaction that has led to the Engineering Department becoming a tight-knit unit that enjoys its work and finding solutions that enable MarineTraffic to be a world leader in its field.”

Katerina Ignatiou
Marketing Assistant @MarineTraffic