MarineTraffic app updated with cool new features

An updated version of our app is now launched for all our Android and iOS users to enjoy.

This major update, apart from numerous enhancements, includes some of the coolest new features you can find in a vessel tracking application.

We know that having the ability to check how tropical storms move around the world, or being able to identify what vessels sail nearby yours are features you’ve been waiting for, among others.

Our iOS and Android users can now enjoy a better, more personalised access to the MarineTraffic application. The Vessel Timeline is enriched, the Events Timeline has become available, the ability to check the quality of AIS is also offered and vital vessel detail additions you will love.

There are many reasons why the new updated version is a better tool for MarineTraffic users. A presentation of our newly-added features follows:

Vessel details additions

Enjoy increased visibility and make decisions accordingly with:

  • Events Timeline

  • Vessel Timeline
  • Vessel Utilisation

An ideal tool for ship owners or operators who wish to have a basic overview of vessel utilization on a time-rolling basis so they are able to make justified decisions well in advance.

  • AIS Quality

Check the quality of AIS-transmitted information, in order to have a clear view at any time you wish.

  • Similar Vessels
  • Speed vs Wind
  • Service Areas
  • Vessel Notes
  • Beaches and Shelters

In our collaboration with keeano, we have developed this new tool to help our users find and explore the best beaches or top shelters nearby the place they’re interested in fast and easy.

  • Customization of Vessel Details

New layers

Personalise your online ship tracking experience using the app’s:

  • ECA Zones

  • Timezones
  • Piracy Zones
  • Graticule
  • Custom Areas

Why move, drag and zoom on the Live Map in order to focus on a specific area of your interest? Choose your custom area, and monitor vessels, ports, or traffic you are looking for without distractions.

Other features

Check extreme weather conditions and keep an eye on risks using:

  • Tropical Storms

This weather layer will show you every active tropical storm, tropical depression, hurricane or typhoon on the Live Map.

  • Vessels Nearby
  • Detailed Wind Forecasts for Port
  • Photo Captured Position on the Map

Find all these new and improved features in the updated MarineTraffic app and enjoy a seamless experience—on the go.

Time to dust off your vessel tracking abilities?

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