Marine Gallery March 2020

Welcome to the Marine Gallery of March 2020, a monthly segment on our blog featuring the five best pictures of every month, selected by members of the MarineTraffic Photo Moderators. These could include images of vessels, ports or lighthouses from around the world.

We encourage everyone to submit photos by signing up on the MarineTraffic site and taking advantage of the easy to use upload process. View more vessel photos on the MarineTraffic photo directory.

This is the MIRA, a Danish passenger vessel spotted in Copenhagen, Denmark. Did you know Copenhagen was actually a place where a Viking fishing village was originally established in the 10th century?

For more photos of the vessel in this city, click here.

Sailing under the flag of the United Kingdom—and those dark clouds— the SETTLER. This fishing vessel is 40.06 metres long and her deadweight is 650 tonnes.

If you want to find more information about this fish carrier, visit this page here.

Navigating through ice-covered waters but with the sun shining on her, VAYGACH, is an icebreaker photographed in the Northern Sea. 

She is 149,7 metres in length and sails under the flag of Russia. For even more photos of her making inhospitable paths accessible to the rest of the world, click here.

21 metres in length and 10 metres in width, the OMBRE BLU 3 is a sailing vessel riding the sea under the flag of Malta. Here, found posing in front of the volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia in Italy.

If you want to see this vessel moving on our Live Map, visit this page here.

The moment the sun is setting, this Ro-Ro cargo, the NOLHAN AVA is seen sailing the ocean under the flag of Canada.

To find what her carrying capacity is, click to view more vessel details here.

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