Marine Gallery June 2022

Welcome to the Marine Gallery of June 2022, a monthly segment on our blog featuring the five best pictures of every month, selected by members of the MarineTraffic Photo Moderators. These could include images of vessels, ports, or lighthouses from around the world.

We encourage everyone to submit photos by signing up on the MarineTraffic site and taking advantage of the easy-to-use uploading process. View more vessel photos on the MarineTraffic photo directory.

This month, we are focusing on the top five choices of different vessel types below:

First on our list is the Thunderchild 2. A high speed passenger ship that is able to travel fast despite the weather conditions. As a matter of fact, Thunderchild’s recorded speed is 41.3 knots, while in general, her average speed is no less than 25.8 knots.

You will usually find this vessel sailing between the Irish Sea, the English Channel and the North Sea. This comes as no surprise at all, since the Thunderchild 2 flies the Irish flag.

What’s even more interesting about this patrol boat, is that it spent 279 days over the past year sailing. With just 22 days being located in port. Impressive for a passenger ship, isn’t it?

You can find more information about this passenger ship, on the vessel’s details page, here.

This 182-metre-long oil/chemical tanker was built the year of the pandemic outbreak, 2020. Despite her short history, the CB Pacific has managed to sail the seven seas. More specifically, within the last 2 years, she has visited the US, Mexico, Argentina, India, Belgium, the UK, etc.

She flies the Portugal flag and her carrying capacity is 37787 t DWT. She is currently located at the largest seaport in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam.

Check everything you want to know about the CB Pacific, and find more tankers similar to her on the following page here.

Imagine hitting the beach on a warm summer day, only to discover that a 200-metre vessel has blocked your way to swim. This is the scenery that took place on the 28th of June in Santander. A city in northern Spain with a historic harbour that dates back to the Roman Empire, believed to be founded in the 26th century BC.

The vessel depicted here is the Olympian Highway, a vehicle carrier, sailing under the flag of Japan. AIS data shows that over the past month, she has spent 22 days sailing, covering a total distance of 7,809 NM.

Find out even more interesting details about this vessel and her movements, here.

There is a reason why seagulls remind us of summer and it’s their ability to travel far from the shore and towards the sea. This specific gull was captured while flying above the Irish sea, along with the cruise ship, Sirena.

Sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands, the Sirena is a 181-metre long cruise ship, able to accommodate up to 348 guests. Since the beginning of summer, the Sirena has already travelled to the most popular tourist destinations of the Mediterranean (including Santorini, Tel Aviv, Sicily, Barcelona, and Malta – just to name a few).

Want to know where she is currently cruising and how many nautical miles away she is from her next destination port?

Discover all the details along with Sirena’s photo album (consisting of more than 500 photos) on her page here.

Photos of vessels travelling through oceans come with a special charm to shipspotters and maritime enthusiasts. Especially when the vessel is a 196-metre long bulk carrier, like the Ozgur Aksoy.

This Maltese-flagged ship has a carrying capacity of 58410 t DWT. Over the last year, it has made 19 voyages with an average duration of 17 days per voyage. 

Οur AIS stations were able to provide its exact position 98% of the time for the past month (the rest 2% was also provided by our satellite network), giving us the ability to know where the Ozgur Aksoy is located at any given moment.

Wondering where the Ozgur Aksoy is right now? Or would you like to know the current valuation of the vessel based on algorithm-driven data? Just visit her detail page to find it out.

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