Marine Gallery July 2021

Welcome to the Marine Gallery of July 2021, a monthly segment on our blog featuring the five best pictures of every month, selected by members of the MarineTraffic Photo Moderators. These could include images of vessels, ports or lighthouses from around the world.

We encourage everyone to submit photos by signing up on the MarineTraffic site and taking advantage of the easy-to-use uploading process. View more vessel photos on the MarineTraffic photo directory.

Sailing the world seas under the flag of Germany, the Intelligent Pursuit is a containership of a 2,500 TEU carrying capacity.

Historical AIS data reveals that how many times she has called the following, most-visited ports since 2015: 84 port calls were recorded in the port of Antwerp, 83 in Wilmington, in the US and 53 in Liverpool, in Great Britain.

If you want to follow her current voyages, or check her ex-names history, go to the cargo ship’s page on MarineTraffic, here.

Under the bridge, she goes!

Here spotted in Akashi Kaikyo, Japan, the LNG Ebisu is an LNG tanker, built 13 years ago, sailing under the flag of the Bahamas.

Her carrying capacity is 147,546 cubic metres of liquid gas. According to our data, this past July seems to have been a busy month for her, as for the past 30 days, she has spent 93% of the time (28 days) underway and only 7% of it at the port.

Wondering what her current draught is? Check this and more information about the tanker here.

Luxury at a glance.

This all-white superyacht is sure to stun every yacht enthusiast.

The stunning 43 metre-long Eclipse, is sailing under the flag of the Cayman Islands and right now, she is enjoying the Mediterranean sun while cruising the Tyrrhenian Sea, as reported by AIS. Isn’t it the perfect season for this voyage? 

Thinking of sailing through the Tyrrhenian Sea on your next yachting vacation? Visit the vessel’s page here and find all useful information about nearby beaches and shelters in the area.

This tender is used to service or support boats and ships in the port of Cristobal, on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal.

The Guapote – the Spanish word for “good-looking” in English – is 19 metres long and flies the flag of Panama.

Find all the information about her on the vessel’s detail page here.

The Nordkapp is a beautiful RO-RO ship under the flag of Norway. She was seen here sailing the fjords of the country last July.

Her gross tonnage is 11,386 and her length is 123 metres.

Today, the Nordkapp departed from the port of Sandnessjoen and is currently sailing at 13.3 knots with Southwest direction heading to Bergen, Norway.

Want to know her reported Estimated Time of Arrival? Find it here.

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