Marine Gallery August 2021

Welcome to the Marine Gallery of August 2021, a monthly segment on our blog featuring the five best pictures of every month, selected by members of the MarineTraffic Photo Moderators. These could include images of vessels, ports or lighthouses from around the world.

We encourage everyone to submit photos by signing up on the MarineTraffic site and taking advantage of the easy-to-use uploading process. View more vessel photos on the MarineTraffic photo directory.

Here’s an idea of how inland navigation in Europe looks like.

More specifically, this is the Typhoon, an inland motor freighter carrying her load on the Mosel river in Germany.

She is flying the flag of Luxembourg, and she has spent 78% of her time underway, almost 24 days, for the past month!

Access more interesting facts about her here.

This Ro-Ro/passenger vessel, Bol, has recorded a maximum speed of 10.10 knots, is 82 metres long and flying the flag of Croatia.

We see her here waiting in Porozina, a small town on the northwest coast of Cres, and the port she is currently at – at the time of writing. A common itinerary for her is the one that links Porozina to Brestova on the Istria mainland, in Croatia.

Visit the vessel’s page and find all useful information about nearby beaches and shelters in beautiful Croatia here, thanks to our collaboration with Keeano. Can’t really say for sure, but it is very probable that the specific cruise ship’s appearance determined her name, as the 329-metre-long Norwegian Epic is a truly amazing vessel to look at; let alone travel on. According to Wikipedia, when built, almost 12 years ago, she was the third largest cruise ship in the world.

Now, sailing mainly in the West Mediterranean, she visits Italy, France and Spain, and is flying the flag of the Bahamas, our AIS data shows.

Visit her page to follow all her ‘epic’ cruising adventures here.

With a carrying capacity of 13,100 TEU, the Hyundai Speed is one of the containerships that play a major role in keeping the global trade alive, as she moves along key international trade routes.

She is flying the Greek flag, and so far this year, she has called at ports in the USA, China, Korea and Colombia.

Where exactly is she heading to now? What was the last port she departed from?

Find answers to these and even more questions, on her detailed vessel page on MarineTraffic, here.

This 310,406 t DWT crude oil tanker, Kazusa was spotted while she was transiting the Singapore Strait in late August.

She is sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands and her length is 333 metres.

Within a month, MarineTraffic has received 15,309 positions of the Kazusa, both from Terrestrial and Satellite AIS-receiving stations, with an average time interval between consecutive positions when this vessel is ‘underway’ being less than 3 minutes.

If you want to check her Past Track on our Live Map or even find other vessels similar to Kazusa, sailing around the globe, go to her vessel detail page right here.

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