London visit provides basis for better media support

Visiting key publications in major hubs, MarineTraffic is travelling the world to understand how its platform can better support the global media.

MarineTraffic receives numerous requests each week from the global media for anything from tracking ships of interest to providing images and supplying previous vessel positions. While each request is unique, the process for solving each query is often the same. MarineTraffic is looking to develop solutions to allow journalists to undertake their own research on the platform.

To help the media use the MarineTraffic platform to its fullest potential, the MarineTraffic team is currently engaging closely with the world’s media outlets to understand their challenges and communicate the solutions MarineTraffic can provide.

Last week, Georgios Hatzimanolis, Media, Communications & Content Manager at MarineTraffic, visited London for a series of meetings with leading news agencies and international and trade press to discuss how the platform could assist them in content creation and support. Speaking on the purpose of the visit, Georgios said:    

“A key ambition of MarineTraffic is to make the process of using the website more efficient. To achieve this, the team is looking to put the proper foundations in place to enable journalists to be able to visit the website and extract the data or information they need themselves.”

The discussions in London provided the team with some constructive comments and suggestions for how MarineTraffic could be made more accessible and valuable to the media.

The most critical issue for journalists was the validity and accuracy of the data reported by MarineTraffic. In each case, the journalist was informed of the quality assurance provided, which is a key factor setting the business apart from its competitors.

For those who don’t know, there is an extensive team of specialists who comb through the data MarineTraffic receives to ensure its validity. So, if the team knows for sure that a vessel was in Malta yesterday, they aren’t going to confirm a story that it is in Shanghai today.


MarineTraffic media support blog post


The London meetings showed that while most journalists understand the primary benefits of the platform, there was less understanding of how the more advanced aspects of MarineTraffic could enable them to develop stories proactively by building data-sets relevant to their topic.

For instance, if a journalist wanted to know specific data points ahead of the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap, MarineTraffic could work with that journalist over a number of months to ensure they had the relevant data for this story.

The London visit highlighted the desire from media to better understand what MarineTraffic can offer when developing a news story. Over the coming months, MarineTraffic will be visiting more of the major hubs to understand how the platform can provide support in developing all sorts of stories, but don’t wait for us! If you want to engage with us now, get in touch, we want to hear from you.

Sebastian Button
Account Manager at London based public relations agency, Navigate PR. Sebastian supports clients across the maritime industry in engaging effectively with their stakeholders and the media.