Introducing a new sailing experience

We’ve joined forces with keeano to help you explore more when sailing along the rich Mediterranean coast

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Lately, at MarineTraffic, we’ve been working closely with our friends at keeano to develop new cool tools for our users, especially for those that love exploring new sights when sailing along the coast.

Imagine seeing live visual suggestions of all the beautiful beaches that are close to you when sailing with your friends and having other useful information to plan your voyage. 

Amazing, right?

Our most recent development lets you do exactly that. 

We’ve teamed up with keeano, to create an easy way to make available more information regarding the marine tourism interest locations that can be found in close proximity to the live location of specific vessel types.

“MarineTraffic cooperates with Keeano to help you explore the coastline and find the perfect shelter to spend the night on your boat or the most beautiful nearby beach to swim”, says Dimitris Lekkas, Founder of MarineTraffic. 

The new section is available on the Vessel Details pages of all sailing, pleasure craft, yachts and passenger boats that one can find on MarineTraffic. Through the dynamic keeano API, users visiting these Vessel Details pages on our site, see an info window with a number of suggestions for nearby beaches & shelters. By clicking on it, users are automatically redirected to the keeano application and can get started exploring the coastlines.

MarineTraffic and keeano

This tool upscales the information MarineTraffic provides to its users and for the first time combines the locations of the vessels, with the destination they are, offering live and dynamically suggestions on interesting destinations that can be found close to the vessel.

“In times of social distancing, communities can emerge stronger than ever. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the top ship tracking company, MarineTraffic. Boaters seeking vessel traffic details are now empowered by the wealth of information around the Coastline.”, says Ilias Bogordos, CEO at keeano.

One week later since the launch of this new section on our website, it is already attracting many travelers looking to navigate through and explore the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Visit the Vessel Details page of the Carpe Diem BA sailing boat or any other pleasure craft/yacht/ sailing/passenger vessel you want and explore the new section yourself! 

Unlock even more information

Keeano has also introduced recently the “Coast View”, a unique visual experience, designed for coastal travelers and boat enthusiasts. Through this service, you can explore more than 250.000km of the Mediterranean Coastline covered with photos and easily choose your next destination. 

Since it is one of our favourite tools in their app, we decided to give you a small present! 

By clicking on the banner below, and after downloading the App and creating your free account, you will automatically get the Coast View subscription for free until the 1st of November.

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