A new map layer – a new tool for Fishermen | Live Fish tracking [April Fools]

Tracking the global fish population is just one click away. You’ve probably already experienced the magic. Here is the story behind it.

Santorini, Greece – MarineTraffic user and fisherman Dimitris Posidonou took some off from sunbathing and swimming in the Aegean during his holiday’s last summer to send us a long and detailed proposal – thanks, Dimitri – where he expressed his opinion on SpaceTraffic.

Commenting on our 2016 long shot project, he claimed: “Why don’t you guys work with the Sea; you are not familiar with space, you even got the planet names wrong – you belong to the sea!”

That made some bulbs light up in our engineering room, where out talented team decided to develop a live fish tracking layer to help fisherman across the globe fish more efficiently.

“I could see beyond his words; I could visualise it, AIS submarine stations that capture ultra high-frequency signals from the fish and are presented live on our LiveMap. We come a long way, but now it’s reality,” said Jorge Kampatoukas, Engineer at MarineTraffic.

We are excited to announce a new map layer to help you monitor and track the global fish population. The Fish layer.

Fish tracking

How did we achieve it?
We worked closely with the International Underwater Divers, Swimmers and Fish Organisation and in particular the FNIB (Finding Nemo Investigation Bureau) department at their Headquarters in Sydney Australia.

They helped us set up focus groups with hundreds of exotic sea creatures and personalities to test our idea. Then our engineers spend some of their free time at home to design and develop it. We imagined a tool that will provide you, our most valuable user with a complete view of the sea, both floating and underseas objects.

Using our Fish Layer feature, you can now track, monitor and report on every object in the sea. We have already captured more than 4.76 trillion positions so far(fish, they move a lot) and we made this information available to all for FREE!

Success Story

One of our early adopters, John Papas a fisherman from Preveza, Greece used our new fish layer and said “It is the best invention of our lifetime, it made my routine so easy! I can now just check MarineTraffic for the competition and fish traffic in my area before I head out for the daily catch. It has increased my productivity by more than 78% ” He also shared with us a photo of his latest huge catch.

This feature completes the picture for our fishers users in addition to the latest released 2016 Fishing vessels Density Maps.

To explore it just choose Fishes from the Map Layers menu. See for yourself.

You can either choose to Add the fish to your Net or Let them free. It is your choice.

We hope you enjoy our new effort for a transparent maritime future.

MarineTraffic – Global S̶h̶i̶p̶ Sea Tracking Intelligence

Happy April fools day!

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