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EU moving towards a smart logistics data-sharing platform

H2020 Research Project kicks off in Athens

Stakeholders representing 14 European countries met in Athens last week to kick off an initiative aimed at creating, among others, a data-sharing platform for pan-European logistics applications. Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligence Information Space (SELIS) is a Research & Innovation Action project, funded under the H2020 call topic MG-6.3-2015 Common communication and navigation platforms for pan-European logistics applications.

Within the frame of this work, alongside MarineTraffic, a strong consortium of logistics stakeholders and ICT providers (38 partners from 14 countries) will work at delivering a platform for pan-European logistics applications.

SELIS is aimed at delivering such a platform by embracing a wide spectrum of logistics perspectives and creating a unifying operational and strategic business innovation agenda for pan European Green Logistics. The fundamental principle is that it will provide a ‘lightweight ICT structure’ to enable information sharing for collaborative sustainable logistics for all at strategic and operational levels. Target logistic groups include: transport and logistics authorities, shippers and retailer centred communities, freight forwarders centred communities, port centred communities, shipping communities, rail, truck and terminal network communities, hinterland hub communities and urban logistics communities. Also, cross-community domains comprehend: collaborative planning and synchromodality, collaboration risk and value sharing, supply chain visibility and CAPA (SCV-CAPA application), supply chain financing, KPIs and environmental performance management, logistics optimisation and e-compliance for customs and applicable regulations.

Deliverables comprehend, among others, the SELIS space, which is a network of logistic communities’ specific shared intelligent information spaces termed SELIS Community Nodes. SELIS Community Nodes will be constructed by individual logistics communities to facilitate the next generation of collaborative, responsive and agile green transportation chains. SELIS Community Nodes will link with their participants’ existing systems through a secure infrastructure and provide shared information and tools for data acquisition and use, according to a ‘cooperation agreement’.


Connected nodes, will provide a distributed common communication and navigation platform for Pan European logistics applications. Each Node will decide on what information it wishes to publish and what information it wants to subscribe to. The SELIS Community Node concept represents the evolution of a longline of research in this area. The fundamental principle is that it provides a ‘lightweight ICT structure’ to enable information sharing for collaborative sustainable logistics for all at strategic and operational levels.

Within the 36-month duration of the project, MarineTraffic will mainly be contributing its expertise to user requirements elicitation and system realization.

SELIS meeting
Meeting in Athens of SELIS reps.
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