Dan inspired by colourful containers

Artist Dan Kaufman’s latest series of photographs, titled Port Mondrian, were inspired while waiting in a traffic jam on the way to the Port of Savannah.

Kaufman is no stranger to this route through the busy port in Georgia, as it is where most of his ‘shipping shots’ have happened in previous work.

In his previous project, Rothko, Kaufman used the MarineTraffic app to track a ship’s movements and take a quick look at the Arrival and Departures schedule, which assisted him to capture the unique colours in the best possible light.

In that series Kaufman focused on big boxships. This time around it was the containers on the vessels that have served to be his subject. Kaufman says he was inspired by his drive to Gate 5 and the “mile worth of stacks of boxes” that he previously never paid any attention to.

The other day I was delayed while in route by a bottleneck of gantry cranes and found myself “zoning out” on the symmetry of a stack of TEUs.  The colours of the boxes and the obvious symmetry of the stack is what caught my eye. So, I stepped out of the car and started shooting,” Kaufman told MarineTraffic.

Traffic at a standstill can be tiresome for some, but for the likes of Kaufman the eyes continued to be his creative lens, and objects on his regular route that were once disregarded, were reinvented into 11 colourful images.