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The Hub is your insight into MarineTraffic and the maritime industry. From what’s happening in the shipping industry to how to make the most of MarineTraffic’s services, we have posts of interest for the millions of users of our vessel tracking services.

AIS – essential knowledge

Originally intended to help ships avoid collisions and help port authorities to better control sea traffic, automatic identification systems (AIS) include a GPS receiver, which collects position and movement data and a VHF transmitter, which regularly transmits this information on two VHF channels, putting this data in the public domain. Here we look at current and future AIS technology and applications.


Big data is changing the way we view the world. We look at the trends and patterns emerging from the data collected by our network.

Best News

Guest column

Industry insiders give their views on everything from shipping market trends to the latest IT developments.



Ships are fascinating objects. From the hugest oil tankers to the latest superyachts, ships make the world go round. We look at the stories behind some of these ships.

Under the hood

Ever wondered how we track the ships and deal with the vast volumes of data? What plans does the world's leading vessel tracking service have for the future?

Users' stories

MarineTraffic is used in thousands of ways by its loyal followers. From ship managers to cruise passengers, taxi drivers to marine insurers, knowing where the world's ships are has changed the way many people live and work. Read some of their stories.