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Data-driven decisions for everyone

This blog post was updated on 10/6/2019 How the new MarineTraffic Data Exploration Tool is an important step towards greater maritime transparency The MarineTraffic database is home to unparalleled AIS vessel position data, a vast resource of maritime information. Especially with the recent addition of a third satellite provider, MarineTraffic[…]

Just in time arrivals

How understanding port congestion can improve shipping efficiency If you have ever worked in shipping, you will know how tedious it can be for a vessel to be stuck outside port. Time passes slowly when you are waiting at anchorage for hours, days, weeks or even months – often with[…]

Seven ways MarineTraffic ensures AIS accuracy

This blog post was updated on 4/6/2021 by Sotiria Kontopoulou The sheer amount of data generated by the global AIS network is truly overwhelming: more than half a billion positions are received daily from various sources around the world. But as this comes from a huge range of aggregated sources[…]

The strangest ship tracking requests

The Bermuda Triangle has terrified sailors for decades. Ever since the first report of a mysterious disappearance in 1950, rumours have continued to circulate about this patch of ocean that lies between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Although the myths have been thoroughly debunked over and again, superstition still holds[…]

Seven things you should know about AIS

This blog post was updated on 7/6/2019 The Ancient Greeks ensured the safety of their vessels by making offerings to Poseidon, the god of the sea. Once a ship had left the harbour and passed over the horizon, there was little they could do but offer their prayers. How times[…]