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The 5 new startups entering the Maritime Analytics market

The maritime industry has long understood the value of using data and analytics to bring more transparency and drive efficiency in the market. More and more companies around the world are investing in maritime analytics to understand global trade, optimise ship operations, gain full visibility for their cargo, and increase[…]

Improving the customer experience with the power of maritime analytics

In today’s data-rich and fast-paced world where things can change dramatically overnight, every business in any kind of sector needs to adapt and deliver quickly. But what is precisely changing?  Customers are. Customers have become more skeptical, more informed, and have higher expectations than ever before. With limited time and[…]

MarineTraffic defining Maritime Analytics

Table of Contents What is Maritime Analytics? How Does the Shipping Industry Use Data Analytics? How Can Data Analytics Help the Maritime Industry? Has COVID-19 Impacted the Demand for Analytics in the Maritime Industry? Maritime Analytics Market: Size, Forecasts & Observations   Maritime Analytics is a rapidly growing field that[…]

The MarineTraffic definition of ship tracking

Understanding not only where the ships currently are, but also where they have been and will be, translates into more visibility and transparency on what’s happening at sea and enables significant decisions.  From essential daily business operations (such as real-time cargo or fleet tracking) to people simply following the movements[…]

MarineTraffic Maritime Analytics Conference

Last November, MarineTraffic successfully completed the Maritime Analytics Conference, a series of digital sessions covering a wide range of topics focused on the current and future state of the maritime and shipping industry.  Our three expert panel line-ups saw industry-leading advisors sharing their views on several key topics. They talked[…]