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Breakthrough Posidonia for MarineTraffic

International maritime analytics platform MarineTraffic will be promoting its services under the “Shipping is Here” tagline at Posidonia, the world’s most important maritime event (6-10 June) in Athens. The company has created a maritime data ecosystem which includes vessel positions, meteorological forecasts, asset values, container tracking, nautical charts and is[…]

Live vessel values now available on MarineTraffic

The 182,674 dwt bulk carrier Coronet at Rotterdam. Credit: MartinLueke/ Shutterstock  MarineTraffic, the world’s leading provider of ship tracking information and maritime analytics, has partnered with maritime data specialists Signal Ocean to provide vessel valuations on its platform. MarineTraffic users will now see Signal Ocean’s estimated value of the ship[…]

iPhone 12: Tracking the latest Apple model

It’s a big time of year for tech fans. The 5G-enabled iPhone 12 Pro models have started arriving to much fanfare. Worldwide, there’s a staggering 950 million iPhone units floating around. With the latest iPhone incumbent now hitting the market, it’s thought 350 million of those units are in the[…]

Making tanker OPEX count

So far this year, the managers of the world’s fleet of clean and dirty tankers have spent approximately $4.5bn on operating costs (OPEX). That’s everything from crew, provisions, deck and engine stores, lubricating oil, insurance, maintenance and repairs and management fees, but doesn’t include voyage costs such as fuel, port[…]

COVID-19: treat seafarers as key workers

MarineTraffic wholeheartedly endorses today’s call by the Marshall Islands, one of the world’s largest maritime registries, for seafarers to be recognised as key workers. This would mean that the travel bans and restrictions on crew changes enacted by so many countries to prevent the spread of COVID-19 could be lifted. […]

COVID-19 and its impact on container movements

Just as China’s factories splutter back to life and its gigantic supply-chain slowly starts moving again, Europe and the USA are seeing a rapid escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic. A shocking wave of fatalities across Italy and a subsequent country-wide lockdown, followed by a surprise US ban on EU flights,[…]