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All set for Singapore Maritime Week

MarineTraffic is headed to Asia this month to participate in the leading maritime event in Singapore.

Five lucky members of our team will represent the company at Singapore Maritime Week (SMW). The event is organised by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), and gathers the international shipping community in Singapore for a week of conferences, dialogues, exhibitions and social events in celebration of all things around the maritime industry.

For three of the five people going, this will be their first time in Singapore, and they are clearly excited about the trip.

Katerina Sofrona, Head of Customer Success, says she can not wait to take her first trip to Asia, and is mostly looking forward to a ride on the Singapore Flyer. “I’m very excited about visiting Singapore, this will be my first trip to Asia and I want to make the most out of the experience. There are a number of different things I’d like to see, with the Singapore Flyer being on top of the list, because it will give me a fantastic view of Singapore’s amazing skyline,” said Katerina.

For Daniel Shirley, Product Marketing Manager, high on his list of priorities is a visit to the Gardens by the Bay. “I’ve seen photos of the Gardens and think that seeing them come alive with the light and sound display would be a fantastic experience. I’m also keen on taking a boat cruise around the bay,” said Daniel.

Singapore Maritime Week

Alex Charvalias, Data Intelligence Product Manager, says he is looking forward to notching up some new experiences. “I like keeping a log of things I see, do, or experience for the first time at the places I visit around the world. In Singapore, I’d like to get as many entries as possible on that log of mine,” explained Alex.

Unlike their colleagues, Argyris Stasinakis, Partner, and Georgios Hatzimanolis, Media and Communications Manager, have been to Singapore before. Argyris was there in November last year, while Georgios, who will be making his fourth trip to the Asian nation, was there recently, in January of this year. “Singapore is an amazing, vibrant city that I always enjoy visiting. This trip will be all the more special, because I will have the opportunity to experience it with my colleagues. I’m really looking forward to taking them to some of the great little restaurants and bars I know in the city,” said Georgios.

Of course the trip is not all about cocktails and good food, and the team understands that Singapore Maritime Week is a great opportunity to meet existing customers in the region and make new acquaintances. 

“Large scale events such as Singapore Maritime Week give us the opportunity to engage with industry professionals and inform them of our products and services, but equally important is the chance to hear from them about their needs and wants from a platform like ours,” said Katerina.

Singapore Maritime Week
Katerina Sofrona, Head of Customer Success.

Alex agrees that personal engagement in such events is invaluable. “MarineTraffic is a leader in Global Ship Tracking Intelligence, but operating in the digital world also means that we are not as close to the physical world of the Industry as we would like. Participation in such events provides insights on the unique point of view of each stakeholder in the Industry, which help us focus our product development efforts to provide real value to the industry.”

Daniel believes the best thing about attending such events is keeping up-to-date with, and being informed of, the ever changing landscape of the maritime industry. “Events of this size make it possible to connect with a much broader range of stakeholders and get a better understanding of the complex inter-dependencies supporting everyday operations.”

Singapore Maritime Week
Alex Charvalias, Data Intelligence Product Manager.

For Georgios, SMW is a great chance to speak about MarineTraffic and how it works  with reporters in the region. “A big part of my role is fostering long term, productive relationships with journalists, that’s why I really value the opportunity to meet them and spend some time explaining how our powerful data can assist with their stories.”

The crew is also looking forward to hearing from industry leaders at one of the many interesting seminars, presentations and panels taking place over the week.

As Data Intelligence Product Manager, Alex is very keen to attend the Singapore Maritime Technology Conference. “I see a lot of interesting panels and I hope that we will have interactive sessions with discussions over the role that technology can and will play in the industry in the years to come.”

Katerina Ignatiou
Marketing Assistant @MarineTraffic