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Academia and industry team up to advance innovation

Academic-Industry relations contribute to the advance of national and regional innovation systems. It is considered by many as a necessary engine towards knowledge-based societies and economies. The recognised benefits include a growth in the competitiveness of businesses in addition to the relevance and innovativeness of academic research. Also, the creation of jobs and the economic growth of countries and regions.  

Generating opportunities for collaboration and institutionalising this engagement is many times a complex and challenging process. Indeed, although many times drivers prevail and guarantee success, in others, limitations make sure opportunities dissipate. Documented motivations that prevail and many times drive a successful partnership, include the existence of mutual trust, commitment, a shared goal, a prior relation and a good understanding of the common interest by stakeholder individuals.

Limitations on the other hand involve a different perception on time horizons when it comes to projects, a lack of funding, motivation and values that are not always aligned. Furthermore, there is a lack of awareness on opportunities from Academic-Industry collaborations due to not finding the appropriate collaboration partner and the bureaucracy involved in frameworks for this cooperation.   

The need to explore and better understand frameworks and strategies for an effective cooperation has been recognised. Also, recently addressed in international studies (UBC in Europe) and specialised Conferences.

UIIN Conference
UIIN Conference welcome sign

Since 2013, MarineTraffic shares and learns from best practices on collaborative projects, relationship building and long-term partnerships. This year and as part of this continued effort, our team has joined over 400 attendees, from around 250 organisations and 60 countries, gathered at the annual University Industry Interaction Network (UIIN) Conference conducted from the 7th to the 9th of June in Dublin.

“Our participation in events that, as the UIIN Conference, focus on innovation, partnerships and stakeholder collaboration provide very interesting and significant insights for us. Among others, it allows us to validate best practices and lessons learned. Also, benefit from peer and experts knowledge in this very specialised field ”  – Miluše Tichavska, Academic Relations Manager.

In this event and through its three-day activities, lead academics, practitioners, policy makers and other industry members shared experiences and learned from the knowledge presented by others. The programme included parallel meetings with scientific insights and practitioner´s findings. Also workshops and poster sessions with case studies took place where the importance of relations, long-term strategies, collaborative growth, and the effective policy and governance were recurrently stressed.

Attendees included participants from Microsoft, Siemens, Rolls Royce, Skoda, KLM, Fraunhofer, Harvard University, Princeton, Melbourne, Chalmers, California State, KY Leuven, TU Wine, OECD and the European Commission.

“Relationship building at MarineTraffic is aligned with our culture and values. And, we know no other way of making this happen. In practice, not only trust and commitment are there. But excellence, teamwork, and dedication drive what we do. Internally and in collaboration with our Partners” – Miluše Tichavska, Academic Relations Manager.

Miluse and Helen Yu, University of Copenhagen - Centre for Information and Innovation Law
Miluse Tichavska, Academic Relations Manager at MarineTraffic and Helen Yu, University of Copenhagen – Centre for Information and Innovation Law

To conclude with, all the session series had a unique combination of scientific and practical insights into research and innovation smart specialisation and governance. The closing session took place in the main conference room of the Avivio Stadium in Dublin and included final insights of a fruitful and enjoyable conference where key themes, challenges and solutions that arose during the conference were summarised and discussed.

About the University Industry Innovation Network and Conference and Network

The University-Industry Interaction Conference is the annual conference of the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), through which UIIN brings together over 400 managers, practitioners and researchers in the field of entrepreneurial universities, collaborative innovation and university-industry interaction. In order to best facilitate knowledge sharing, the conference is built around a number of key principles:

  1. A combination of science and practice
  2. Experience in the local culture and knowledge facilities
  3. Insights into the minds of renowned leaders
  4. Get to work through hands-on workshops
  5. Expanding networks and knowledge base

The UIIN is a dynamic network committed to driving innovation and entrepreneurship through university-industry interaction. Dedicated to sharing knowledge, discovering solutions and building relationships UIIN hosts the largest conference in the field, educates the leaders of tomorrow through its workshops and is involved in generating new knowledge in various European research projects.

*In featured image: Miluse Tichavska, Academic Relations Manager at MarineTraffic and Arno Meerman, CEO University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN)
**Images by the UIIN Conference and Benjamin Arthur Photography

Katerina Ignatiou
Marketing Assistant @MarineTraffic