Month: July 2016

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Insights of an AIS-based Risk and Oil Spill assessment tool

The emergence of the internet, and, numerical modelling and the design, development and implementation of tools that enable an efficient coastal management (planning, prevention and response to oil spill) and risk assessment. A combined methodology to dynamically estimate time and space variable shoreline risk levels from ships has been developed[…]

Port of Piraeus – summer traffic

It’s Friday afternoon, I’ve just finished work for the week, and I’m in a taxi that is darting through the streets of Athens, headed towards the bustling Port of Piraeus in the city’s south. As we approach the port, the inevitable Friday afternoon traffic jam slows us down, first to[…]

MarineTraffic API’s featured in Media Art and Antwerp-Istanbul Port City Talks

Media art involves the digital representation of time-related work. Pieces, concepts or stories that move and interact over time while communicating with its audience in the fields of sound, video, and lately, the digital visualisation of internet-connected things and data. Artists dedicated to data-driven art, increasingly explore the possibilities brought[…]

Serving the community with the help of MarineTraffic

A volunteer group in Australia is using MarineTraffic to help provide crucial information during emergency situations. The South East Queensland UHF Emergency Service Team (SEQUEST), an emergency radio communications service, is providing emergency and safety communications to citizens of South East Queensland through radio and social media operations. Their work[…]

Marine Gallery July 2016

This month’s installment of the MarineTraffic Marine Gallery was compiled by our three visiting work placement students Pavlos, Dimitris and Katerina. Each month staff members of MarineTraffic, together with the moderators of our photo section, will select five interesting images submitted by our contributors. These could be images of vessels,[…]

MarineTraffic to play leading role at World Port Hackathon

My countdown to the World Port Hackathon has begun, and it’s no secret in the MarineTraffic office here in Athens that I am very excited about attending this year’s event in Rotterdam. Following last year’s WPH, those from our company that attended would not stop praising the event and how[…]