Month: April 2016

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MarineTraffic Historical Data assists with latest Irish Maritime report

MarineTraffic’s dedicated Data Intelligence team has assisted The Irish Maritime Development Office with the latest edition of the Irish Maritime Transport Economist (IMTE). The IMTE is considered the leading statistical report for Irish port and shipping industry performance analysis. MarineTraffic provided IMDO with Historical Data which was then analysed to[…]

How to Discover New Customers Before they Arrive at Port [Part 2 of 2]

Following up the previous post on how Ship Suppliers can identify prospects, this blog post will explain more about how you can also use Custom Area notifications to get alerts when potential customers enter a port of your interest. Custom Area triggered notifications are available on MarineTraffic PRO plan. Using Custom[…]

How to Identify High Value Prospects using Live Map

On top of notifications based on Custom Areas and Vessel Types, another way Ship Suppliers identify high-value prospects is through using Live Map Filters available on PRO plan.   Using Live Map Filters Let’s assume you want to visualize Bulk Carriers current supply in the Baltic area. The steps you[…]

Marine Gallery April 2016

Welcome to the first installment of Marine Gallery, a new monthly segment on our blog. Each month staff members of MarineTraffic, together with the moderators of our photo section, will select five interesting images submitted by our contributors. These could be images of vessels, ports or lighthouses from anywhere in[…]