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MarineTraffic summit 2015

The MarineTraffic team scaled Mount Parnitha, 30km north west of central Athens as part of the company summit held this week. The day began with a cable car ride part way up Parnitha, followed by a trek to the Mpafi Mountain Refuge. An intense morning of pirate-themed team-building exercises was[…]

Saudi port arises

A major new port has emerged on the edge of the Saudi Arabian desert and is now handling some of the world’s biggest ships. Opened in 2014, is located on the Red Sea an hour and a half’s drive from Jeddah, has four container terminals and in 2014 handled 1.6m[…]

Up, up and away

Both Google and Facebook are working on two very interesting projects that could see internet coverage expanded to all sorts of remote locations around the world using balloons and solar powered drones. Although the systems, which are based on partnering with telecommunications companies to share cellular spectrum, will never work[…]

Emissions estimation using AIS data

With COP21 arriving in Paris in December, Eoin O’Keeffe of UMAS looks at how AIS is informing discussions through its role in estimating greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. Since Corbett and Fischbeck’s seminal paper in 1997, estimation of emissions has improved markedly, most notably due to the availability of AIS. Further studies[…]