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Supercharge your Fleet

Select between the following mix-and-match extensions for your plan to:
- increase the size of your Fleet
- enable undelayed Satellite-AIS coverage for vessels in your fleet
Use this calculator for pricing and Manage your Fleet extensions to purchase.

Select billing period
If you have already subscribed to a Plan, the billing period of your add-ons will have to match that of the Plan.

Fleet Add-on: Fleet size extension

The overall Fleet size determines how many vessels you can add to your Fleet(s).
Vessels in your Fleet(s) can be monitored closely on the Live Map and the Vessels list. Fleets can also be used in the Embedded map or for API usage (additional costs may apply).
You can extend the default Fleet size which is set by your plan using the extension below.

Increase my overall Fleet size by

SAT Add-on: Follow vessels via Satellite

This determines how many vessels in your Fleet are enabled with undelayed Satellite-AIS coverage. Sat-AIS data are bundled with data reported by our terrestrial network.
Please note that Sat-AIS coverage might not be very effective with Class B transponders (usually installed in smaller vessel such as sailing boats).

Number of vessels to follow via Satellite (undelayed)