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Ships currently in range

Find ships currently in range from all over the world. Discover their characteristics, browse through community-uploaded photos and see their current position on the map. Use the filters to narrow your search and click My Fleet to monitor closely (feature for registered users only).

Bandera IMO MMSI Nazwy statków Photo Rodzaj Długość × Szerokość Szybkość Obszar Odebrane Cel podróży Moja flota
MH 9223186 538004678 VIRGINIA
Statki transportowe 190x33 m 0.0 kn Persian Gulf 51 sec ago
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(ETA: 2015-03-02 15:00 UTC)
MT 9358060 229061000 SEA CARGO EXPRESS
Statki transportowe 118x18 m 1.5 kn North Sea 52 sec ago
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(ETA: 2015-03-05 09:00 UTC)
FI - 230112370 HESSU
Statki transportowe 24x8 m 0.0 kn HELSINKI
Bothnia Gulf
52 sec ago
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LV - 2750180 VTS NICA
Brak fotografii tego statku
Statek nieokreślony x m 0.0 kn Baltic Sea 52 sec ago
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ES - 111224102 SAR 111224102
Holownik, Pilot itp. 0x0 m 16.9 kn Atlantic North 52 sec ago
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AT - 203999303 WIEN
Holownik, Pilot itp. 16x4 m 0.0 kn WIEN
Inland, Danube
52 sec ago
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(ETA: 2014-11-25 17:00 UTC)
BE - 205258590 GOTCHA
Statki transportowe 110x11 m 0.6 kn Inland, Europe 52 sec ago
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(ETA: 2015-09-23 19:00 UTC)
BE - 205438790 OSIVA
Statki transportowe 75x9 m 0.0 kn DUNKERQUE EST
English Channel
52 sec ago
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(ETA: 2015-06-01 14:00 UTC)
BE - 205513290 PURA VIDA
Statki transportowe 85x9 m 0.0 kn Antwerp Area 52 sec ago
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(ETA: 2014-10-29 15:31 UTC)
CY 9354301 210435000 ZALIV AMERIKA
Tankowce 244x43 m 1.2 kn Pacific North 52 sec ago
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(ETA: 2015-03-05 19:45 UTC)