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Apply for a free AIS receiving station

We are able to provide a number of AIS receivers for free to any interested individual or company, in order to further expand the coverage of MarineTraffic. In case you are interested and you fulfill some prerequisites, we will provide you a complete set of high quality equipment. You will have to install the receiver in your building and provide electricity and Internet connectivity.

Data contributors are also eligible for free MarineTraffic subscription plans, depending on the performance of their station.


Here is what you will need in order to host a MarineTraffic receiver:
  • Antenna: You must be able to install an external antenna at the roof of your building. The cable between the antenna and the receiver should preferably be less than 10 meters.
  • Power supply: You must be able to provide electricity for the (very low consumption) equipment.
  • Internet: You must have an 'always-on' connection to the Internet.


The following cases will take priority during the evaluation process:
  • The proposed location is not already covered by our system.
  • The proposed location is of special interest, such as a busy port, a high-traffic ship route, canal, a point at high altitude etc.
  • The applicant has some experience in similar technology and generally in radio equipment.

Apply for an AIS receiving station

Local sourcing

Sometimes it is more convenient to buy the equipment from your local market, in order to avoid expensive shipments and customs taxes. In case you are able to purchase the equipment from your local market, please let us know about the type of available devices and their prices. We may be able to sponsor the purchase.