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LUZERN Itineraries list. Daily positions & Port Calls

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Vessel Name Timestamp Event Area Port Speed (kn) Course (°) Latitude (°) Longitude (°) Show on Map
LUZERN Noon position West Africa 11.5 353 13.20873 -17.74865 Show on Map
LUZERN In Range West Africa 11.6 356 12.35255 -17.69938 Show on Map
LUZERN Midnight position West Africa 11.7 330 10.91566 -17.45649 Show on Map
LUZERN Underway West Africa 11.7 328 10.42335 -17.20245 Show on Map
LUZERN Stopped West Africa 10.41895 -17.2001 Show on Map
LUZERN In Range West Africa 11.8 337 10.3695 -17.17445 Show on Map