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Poland Latitude / Longitude: 54.0947113° / 15.0632401°
Description: Lighthouse serves as one of the stations on the Polish coast coastal AIS-PL HELCOM project that allows automatic monitoring of vessel traffic in the coastal zone. Niechorskiej station antenna has a height of 65 m. The decision to build the lighthouse in Niechorze was made in 1860. Lighthouse was commissioned in December 1866. Lighthouse tower was built of brick grain. The lower part has a quadrilateral cross-section, while the upper, above the outhouses - octagon. The top of the tower is crowned with a balustrade terrace. At the top was placed laterna, which was used as the light source and camera Fresnel class. During the war in 1945, artillery shell destroyed the Laterna, where the lamp was lit and apparatus enabling the lighthouse. Germany during the retreat founded in Building 8 of explosives that were found after the liberation of the lighthouse keepers (not had time to detonate). Lighthouse was rebuilt according to old records, and the restart followed by 18 December 1948. In 1999, renovations were made lighthouse.
Type: Lighthouse
Type of Flashing: Flashing (Fl)
Number of Flashes: 1
Light Color: White / W
Interval of Flashing: 10s
Focal Height: 63m
Light Range: 20M
Location / Area / Island: Baltic Sea Niechorze
Year Built: 1866
Operational: Yes
Shape & Material brick
Color of Structure red

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Vessel Name Distance Bearing
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EMANUEL 1 17.93 73
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UST-200 18.02 72
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KOL-8 18.04 73
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KOL-206 18.05 73