Wind Point Lighthouse

USA Breddegrad / Længdegrad: 42.78112° / -87.75834°
Description: Wind Point Lighthouse was designed by Orlando Metcalfe Poe and constructed in 1880. The beacon was originally powered by a three-wicked kerosene lamp, magnified by a third-order Fresnel lens. The light was electrified in 1924, and replaced by a DCB-24R airport beacon in 1964. The light can be seen for 19 miles (31 km). A signal house (horns removed, resonators still in place) remains on the grounds as well as a garage, two storage buildings, and an oil house.
Type: Lighthouse
Type of Flashing: Flashing (Fl)
Number of Flashes: 1
Light Color: White / W
Interval of Flashing: 20s
Focal Height: 34m
Light Range: 19M
Byggeår: 1880
Operational: YES
Shape & Material Round Brick
Color of Structure White

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