IMO: -
MMSI: 412271870
Call Sign: BDOU
Flag: China (CN)
AIS Type: Cargo
Gross Tonnage: -
DeadWeight: -
Length x Breadth: 193m x 23m
Year Built: -
Status: Active

Last Position Received

In Range
Info Received: 1 h, 1 min ago (2014-08-02 02:23)
Area: Bohai Sea
Latitude / Longitude: 39.77542 / 119.6537
Status: At Anchor
Speed/Course: 0.0kn / -
AIS Source: 233
Wind: 4 knots
Wind direction: S (170o)
Temperature: 26oC

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  • MMSI: 412271870
  • IMO: 0
  • Type:
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